~ Must be 18+ yrs. to purchase

~ CPM 154:  A very high quality modern stainless blade steel

~ SS:  Stainless steel

~ Ni.:  Nickel 

~ Ag.:  Silver

~ Nickel silver:  A very hard brass with nickel added to resist corrosion

~ G-10:  Indestructible fiberglass epoxy resin material available in many colors or layered with carbon fiber

~ I will make a custom knife of your design. This requires multiple phone conversations in order to communicate the details of your design.

~ Even stainless steel rusts, especially when scratched. Keep it clean and dry, with a light coat of gun oil. (It smells nice)

~ Don't leave it stored in the sheath for long periods, leather is skin - it absorbs moisture

~ Most home sharpening tools will ruin the delicate edge of your knife. The edge won’t round out and become dull, it bends over slightly … a butchers steel is the right tool for the job.

~ What is Damascus?   Heat and pressure pattern welded steel. Most Damascus is carbon steel, therefore, it rusts. Stainless Damascus is expensive.