Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Shipping by priority or express mail is included in the cost of your knife anywhere in North America

Other methods of shipping are available upon request, they are however not included in the purchase price of you knife

Every effort will be made to ship knives as soon as receipt of payment, however, circumstances may arise, I might be out of the country or hunting or camping with family. If such a circumstance arises your knife will be shipped at my earliest convenience.

All orders can only be shipped to the billing address on your credit card. This is for your own protection. Typically this is your home address.



 I guarantee all my knives against defects in materials and workmanship for life. I cannot guarantee natural handle materials which can shrink or crack due to circumstances beyond my control.I will replace natural handle materials for a reasonable fee. Obvious abuse is also not covered. Please use common sense  as to how you use your knife. Don’t throw it at a tree or into the ground, if you use it as a screwdriver the tip will break.